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Business Development and Management Services

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SERVICE CATEGORIES.  Star Group International provides four categories of services to new and existing businesses, as follows:

    Business Planning and Development.  There has never been a better time for visionaries and entrepreneurs to launch or revitalize ideas/businesses for the betterment of society; however, they must know how to present a project as a viable business plan.  SGI can help make this happen!

    Financial Management and Development.  The main problem with good projects is that they typically start without adequate funding in place.  Funding follows a viable Business Plan.  SGI will help develop funding sources and can oversee the financial management of an enterprise.

    Facilities Construction Management.  Most new business projects need land, buildings, equipment, and infrastructure.  Professionals are needed to design, build, and operate these facilities.  SGI can help coordinate the various segments of a project and provide accountability to funders and owners.

    Business Operations Management.  After a new or revitalized business is in place and ready to operate, the owners need to decide if they want to operate the business themselves or to contract operations to another qualified company.  SGI is one of the many options open to the business owner.

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PROJECT SERVICES.  Star Group International offers the following services.  These services are provided by our professional employees, associate members, and contractors.

  1. Ag Co-op Management
  2. Architectural Design
  3. Business Affairs/Accounting
  4. Business Operations
  5. Chaplain
  6. Commercial/Industrial Management
  7. Construction Oversight
  8. Educational Program Development
  9. Engineering
  10. Executive Management
  11. Facilities Management/Security
  12. Financial Affairs
  13. Fundraising/Trust Fund Management
  14. HR Services
  15. IT Services
  16. Land/Building Development
  17. Legal Affairs
  18. Marketing Services
  19. Research and Development
  20. Social Media/Communications

COST.  Each project is unique and will be priced based on the type of services needed.  SGI typically bills on a cost plus basis or a fixed fee.  At times, services can be provided free through mentors or consultants.  There is no cost for the pre-application and contract negotiations.  Upon preliminary acceptance of your project proposal, a quotation and contract will be provided. 

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