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PRIMARY AREAS OF FOCUS. Star Group International focuses on the following areas of interest:

Agricultural Educational Program Development and Operations.  Effective agricultural education is the key to all segments of our society, domestic and international.  Agriculture is basic to land, water, food, and fiber and forms the foundation for every economic system.  Without it, communities suffer from malnutrition, poverty, low employment, and related political problems.  Quality food production, worldwide, is critical to our survival.  SGI is developing comprehensive educational programs through the utilization of modern technology.  These educational programs involve elementary schools, high schools, colleges and vocational schools as well as culturally and technically adapted programs in third-world countries.  SGI’s educational initiatives are coordinated with other schools and programs with an emphasis on applied methods to real life challenges.  SGI’s educational programs focus on formal education, research, and extension education - especially at the international level.  Another need for education is in the area of commercial and industrial business between the producer, consumer, and educator. SGI is able to assist these companies by providing the educational and marketing components of their businesses.

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Advanced Nutritional Food Development and Manufacturing.  Hunger and malnutrition are two of the toughest problems facing humanity.  The personal and economic impact these problems have on society is immeasurable.  America’s ability to develop, produce, and deliver food for human consumption is a major success story.  However, it is not enough, especially when the massive needs in depressed and third-world countries are considered.  SGI is working with food industry companies who have developed the capability of addressing this problem by introducing new highly nutritional foods and delivery systems.  These solutions can alleviate much of the problem.  The need for nutritional food solutions is one of the three most critical problem areas in our domestic and international communities.  


Agricultural Economic Development and Operations.  Agricultural production and agricultural-related business industries rank near the top in almost every state in America.  This is also true at the international level even though many countries have a deficiency in agricultural commerce and production.  Although food and fiber production in developed countries is effective, this trend is shifting from small family farm producers to large corporate producers.  This transition hinders establishment of new small agricultural businesses.  SGI is providing an opportunity for people to share their ideas for a new agricultural business and help them with start-up.  Our incubator program is committed to this cause.  SGI is also assisting international governments with establishing a nationwide plan for agricultural economic development.


Energy Development and Operations.  Society’s need for usable power sources has never been higher, yet still falls short.  Technologies developed by energy companies and universities have been impactful; however, our energy supplies still fall short of demand.  Achievements in the development of solar, wind, and other energy resources are significant; however, oil, gas, nuclear, and coal remain our primary energy sources.  Advanced technology has developed bioethanol and biomass energy solutions.  SGI is working on the development of biomass products to be marketed to international power plants. 


Heritage and Creative Arts Education.  There is a tremendous need to promote agriculture through farmland and farm building preservation, farming operations, educational programs, hands-on activities, and edu-tourism.  These programs and activities benefit people of all ages, rekindling interest in America’s agricultural heritage and self-sufficient way of life, and promoting wholesome and healthy living.  People are interested in returning to our agrarian roots and learning about subsistence and sustainable agriculture which may be the way of the future.  One of the best ways to educate people about our American heritage and the legacy of those who built our country is through the creative arts.  Presentations that utilize the mediums of art, music, media and dramatic productions, literature, and story telling enhance our understanding of and appreciation for our land’s history and heritage.  This is also true for other world cultures.  SGI is managing companies that are developing heritage communities, historical programs, museums, festivals, destination tourist attractions, and creative arts venues.  These facilities also provide a venue for domestic and international education and marketing as well as edu-tourism and expositions. 

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Humanitarian Project Development and Operations.  Most international efforts to provide for humanitarian needs are accomplished through Christian missionary organizations or by organizations whose founder was motivated by a passion to share the love of God through Jesus Christ.  Human suffering occurs each day around the world because of malnutrition, hunger, political unrest or suppression, and natural disasters.  The world community usually provides assistance through national and international organizations.  However, immediate food, water, and shelter delivery systems are often inadequate.  The secondary problem with existing delivery systems is that of accountability to funders and donors.  These funding organizations are searching for worthy projects and management companies who can implement humanitarian, educational, and economic projects at the highest level of integrity and accountability.  Small missionary organizations around the world have done much to meet humanitarian needs; however, many are searching for a management company that can assist them with project development, business management, and in some cases, operations.  SGI can help Christian organizations be more effective in fulfilling their missions by providing needed management services.  SGI also develops programs for teaching biblical principles for faith and life through formal education and modern technology.

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